alex adewole


_________ in vancouver.

about me

Passionate about open source, digital photography, and the intersection of technology and art. If programming is magic, then software engineers are wizards.

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about me

Hey there! I'm Alex, a software engineer wizard based in Vancouver, BC.


I'm interested in open source, decentralization, and rust.

now: sr. eng @hive 🐝 - building event-marketing power-ups 💪🏽
prev: eng @studio Ⓜ️ - making creative fufillment attainable for everyone 🙌🏽

I co-founded a startup at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in an attempt to redefine movie night. The startup ultimately didn't succeed, but we're revisiting the core concept as an open source project now!


I have been shooting photography as a hobby for the past five years. I currently rock a Sony α7 III and a couple Sigma primes.

I'm interested in experimental photography, but you'll typically catch me shooting basic street photography in downtown Vancouver.


I have been trying to teach myself guitar for a very long time. I love playing blues and jazzy riffs, and I find myself skipping over the basics just so I can try to learn a riff to a song I really like.

I've been dabbling into music production over the past few years and I ocasionally share some stuff on my SoundCloud.